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About SED

Sustainable by design

Sustainable Earth Design was founded in 2017 by Jason Nelson when he saw a need to challenge the way the construction, agriculture and energy industry models function today. SED was created to develop solutions to integrate these sectors, allowing for a more cooperative ecosystem and ultimately creating a regenerative economy model. 


In August 2017, SED began  the Freedom House project near Peterborough, Ontario. The challenge was to revitalise four acres of unused land and rebuild an existing abandoned house using SED’s design principles.. Within the year, the goal was realised resulting in a renewed property that was energy efficient, beautiful, and aesthetically organic to the surrounding environment.


Over the last decade Jason has also been developing a process that utilises organic waste from each of SED 's focus industries to create a nutrient rich, living fertiliser for use anywhere from commercial farms to residential yards and gardens. Along with providing waste management solutions this product is also a form of carbon storage technology. Truly regenerative business in action.


Additionally, SED has provided SaskEnergy with remediation services for a large service line upgrade project within the city of Regina, Saskatchewan. 


These are a few of the projects and ventures that have been completed since the founding of SED. Other projects continue to evolve and expand as SED examines new ways to move their vision forward. 

Jason Nelson

Project Generator & CEO


SED founder, Jason Nelson, grew up in the small farming village of Wishart, Saskatchewan where the value of hard work and community were instilled at an early age. Aside from classic small town mischief there wasn’t much else for a kid in Wishart to do. This freedom allowed Jason to follow his natural curiosity and hyperactive imagination developing his ability to visualise incredibly complex problems and find creative solutions. 


Jason’s love of mechanical equipment and machinery was sparked through working with his dad. In a rural environment, diverse skills are necessary. Over the years Jason acquired skills in mechanics, concrete, heavy equipment operation, aggregate production, full home construction, renovations, landscaping and remediation services, this practical and formal education laid the groundwork for SED.


Jason has since travelled the world studying traditional and sustainable building techniques and waste management practices as well as volunteering on various projects including a music school on Easter Island and an educational building in Köln, Germany.  


Most recently, Jason travelled to Sassoferrato, Italy, to explore exciting new products from Diasen. Diasen products synthesise traditional and renewable materials and innovative technology. After spending two weeks learning about these systems, he adopted them for use in many of his own projects and is currently the exclusive Canadian distributor of Diasen. 


Jason holds a certificate for Sustainable Building Design and Construction from Sir Sandford Fleming College, Peterborough, Ontario. As part of the program, he and his class built an outdoor education centre that was the first of its kind.  


Straw bale outdoor learning centre coming to Thomas A. Stewart Secondary School in Peterborough |

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