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We design for the future

Who we are

Efficient. Innovative. Reliable.


Sustainable Earth Designs is a consulting and development company with a focus on innovative systems and designs with sustainability as the core driving principle.


Where other firms aim merely for sustainability, SED takes a holistic approach using a regenerative economy model to restore and renew the local environment and community. 


From research & development to full-scale design & construction, our expertise allows us to connect the dots and create a solution that other firms may miss. 


SED believes in empowering individuals and creating strong partnerships to ensure industry solutions can be achieved. 


Areas of Expertise

Specialising in the construction, agriculture and energy sectors, SED is revolutionising existing industry methods and solutions. We reimagine how these sectors can become more efficient, symbiotic and regenerative by assessing the needs of the project, and looking at traditional approaches through a new lens.

Our process is built around three core principles:

Beige Paper


It all begins with assessing the project needs and parameters. We identify and define those needs and develop an innovative and comprehensive plan of execution. 

Podium Display


Next, we assemble a team of professionals specific to the project needs and begin building with a focus on innovative methods and materials.

Marble Rocks


Finally, a robust structure is put in place to support and maintain the integrity and efficiency

of the solution.

Sustainability in Action

Our results speak for themselves. Over the past decade SED has managed a number of innovative development projects. Below is a showcase of our principles in action.

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